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5 or 10 GateKeepers
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  • Safety and security all in one!!!

    All I can say about this item is fantastic!! I received this item for my honest opinion and can say it definitely has a WOW factor for security. It came in a very nice box with very specific instructions that were helpful with the initial set-up. After entering my information and trying it out it works very well and identifies everything you enter into it. I love the idea of being able to find my keys without having to search everywhere! The main thing with the GateKeeper 2.0 is knowing that your information is secure until you are ready to use it. I am still learning the different functions of this. The Gatekeeper has a slim design that doesn't take up any space and is always dependable. I would recommend it for anyone that has trouble remembering passwords, has files that are confidential and to also keep wandering eyes away from your private information. It is like a little insurance policy on a key-chain!!

    - goldfish007, Administrative Assistant, PA
  • Convenient, quality product protects your valuable information!

    A very convenient, time saver that provides a whole new level of computer security & privacy. This is such a great product. I was totally shocked at the size when it arrived. It is, literally, smaller than my car's key fob. My husband does a lot of work from home and, because of the nature of his job, most of it is highly sensitive, private information. I also have a 2 year old that is fascinated with buttons & keyboards! Not a good mix. There have been quite a few mishaps because of my son's curiosity. We also have house guests & visitors regularly and this product makes keeping private information exactly that. In addition to the privacy factor, it is such a convenience not to have to enter & re-enter your password over & over. When you're trying to get a lot done, every second counts! I had no idea such a device existed & am so glad we found it!

    - Christine Carter, Top 100 Reviewer
  • Great Product

    I love it. No password or code needed for me to log onto my computer and it keeps others out. When I boot the computer, it opens and shows my name and the GateKeeper icon, then boots up the system. I didn't know what all to expect of this little jewel. The setup is so easy, it practically does all the work itself, you just need to do the physical things, remove from box, insert battery(included) into fob, insert dongle into USB port, follow instructions to download software. When I was setting the range, I got my husband to go towards the opposite end of the building with the GateKeeper fob until it was out of range and my computer locked. I wondered what would happen if I removed the USB dongle. Would the computer unlock? No, no, no. A message pops up on my monitor telling me to please re-insert dongle into computer. This thing is just too cool. My question is, why don't the big companies that are losing customer's information have something like this on their computers?

    - Slimboli, Brentwood, CA. USA.
  • This IT guy is very impressed

    If you travel with a notebook/laptop computer into environments where you worry about your security, Gatekeeper is what you need. You may feel safe enough to leave your computer behind when you go to lunch with the gang but maybe you worry about forgetting to lock your computer. Worry no more. First make sure you have a password on your computer operating system, Windows or OS/X. Then install the GateKeeper software and plug in the USB key and configure them. Now when you walk away from your computer and the GateKeeper dongle is on you, the computer will lock itself. It's simply, like magic. Another setting is if you give GateKeeper your password it will automatically open when you return. That's what I like, it just takes all the guess work out of it, you are in front of the computer, it's ready. You get up and go away, it locks. If you're an IT person and are thinking the same there is a network version available so it can be implemented across a company. I'm very impressed by the ease of use, relatively easy setup and just plain, it works experience.

    - Joseph Spiegel, VINE VOICE Reviewer
  • She said was pretty simple to setup and start using after you install...

    I must say this gadget is a neat idea.My wife can use this at work on her computer. As she has alot of different duties at work and they don't always require being in front of the computer. She said was pretty simple to setup and start using after you install some software,set some parameters and you go thru and enter info. She likes that she can now walk away from her computer to talk to a customer and doesn't have to worry about logging out and then logging back in when she returns to the computer. Also you won't have to worry about someone else going on your computer while your away.She does countless times a day so it becomes very handy. It will help you avoid doing a repetitive step if you do the same thing at work. Neat gadget and its so small,lightweight and you can put it right on a lanyard and wear it if you set the unlock distance far enough away.

    - Kevin Morris
  • Easy to setup and works great

    I work in the healthcare industry supporting software for hospitals. I work from home, but my kids have friends over to visit. I often lock my computer when I step away and I wanted to try something much easier to lock and unlock. I found this gatekeeper and wanted to give it a try.

    Pros: Simple to setup, Very compact, Lightweight, Wireless, Options for lock only when walking awaym, Options for lock and unlock, Option to enter pin to unlock, Includes a lanyard, Keychain clip, Customize distance away to lock

    Cons: None

    - Charlie B, Reviewer Ranking #1,436