The GateKeeper Enterprise Management System for IT teams allows centralized management of all passwords on your network.


Stop Memorizing Difficult Passwords.
Increase Security. Reduce Complexity.


GateKeeper automatically locks and unlocks computers based on proximity with military-grade encryption. Just walk away to lock, and walk back to unlock.


$3.6 million

is the average cost of a corporate data breach



of help desk calls are for password resets



is the average cost of a help desk call

We started using the GateKeeper because our physicians move to multiple treatment rooms rapidly. We chose this because it is as secure as passwords and proximity based. So our physicians walk into a patient room in our office and the computer logs on for them giving them more time with patients. In addition to that, it keeps the computer from logging out while they are still present. This not only saves them logging on when they walk into the room, but also prevents multiple re-logins while they are still there. We couldn’t be happier with its integration thus far.
- Dr. Ben Saviet, Central Massachusetts Podiatry, P.C
Working with the staff from Untethered Labs, Inc. is definitely the epitome of how a company should interact with their customers. In all of my interactions, I have sensed that I am working with a partner rather than just a vendor. The support staff is always responsive, professional and courteous. The GateKeeper solution easily integrated into our office environment and secures all of our workstations seamlessly.
- Bill Elgie, Supervisor of Network Technologies and Services, Uniform Data System for Medical Rehabilitation, Inc.
The entire implementation process was quick, easy, and virtually problem-free. I wish all of my IT projects went as quick, easy, and functioned as well as Gatekeeper. I would highly recommend Gatekeeper to anyone who is looking to track and control access to their computers, values their time, and wants an easy and trouble-free solution.
- Tom Riddle, Major Tool & Machine, Inc.
...actually, surprisingly cool. It's called the GateKeeper...all you do is move away from the PC and it locks, and toward it and BOOM! It unlocks by the time you've put your butt in the chair...
- Linus Sebastian, Founder, Linus Media Group, Inc.

Trusted Computer Access Control

Make securing employee computers an afterthought. GateKeeper protects computers from unwanted access for organizations working with sensitive private data.


Match Security with Convenience

Reduce IT costs by spending less time and money troubleshooting account issues. Increase password strength for employees while reducing complexity.


Easily Enforce Complex Passwords

Reports estimate that 63-81% of breaches are due to weak or stolen passwords. Nobody wants to type 18 character passwords to login. GateKeeper does it for you automatically.


Military-Grade Security & Two-Factor Authentication

GateKeeper uses state-of-the-art AES256 encryption to secure credentials. GateKeeper provides the option to enable 2-factor authentication to login.


Neutralize Internal Threats

43% of data breaches were due to internal actors, according to Intel Security’s report. GateKeeper is encrypted so no private information is stored on the GateKeeper, nor transmitted over the air. Secure electronic protected health information (PHI) from unwanted access.


Automated Compliance

Use GateKeeper Enterprise to seamlessly integrate with Active Directory, monitor audit logs, and facilitate user account administration. Exceed compliance standards for HIPAA, CJIS, FERPA, and many more.

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